Brittney Foley, better known as Beautifoles, grew up in Long Island, New York. From an early age, Brittney was fascinated by makeup. It probably had something to do with growing up in the dance world where wearing false lashes at a young age was encouraged and the art of emphasizing one’s most beautiful features was almost ritual.

When she reached high school, Brittney found herself being asked by family and friends to do their makeup for events ranging from Sweet 16s to Proms. Brittney went on to attend none other than THE University of Miami, where she was a member and two-year captain of the Sunsations Dance Team. Knowing that there was potential for air-time on various sports networks during every game she performed at, she always made sure her makeup and appearance were up to par. As a result, many members of her team began to ask for her assistance in getting ready for the bigger games that were known to draw large audiences. This helped Brittney to realize her passion for helping others to look their absolute best with the assistance of a few brushes and palettes.

It wasn’t until her senior year when she was doing her friends’ makeup for their sorority’s formal that she took her first sets of before and after photos. Loving how her work was portrayed, Brittney finally created an instagram account (@Beautifoles) devoted solely to beauty and the makeovers she does.

Since graduating, Brittney has continued to do makeup for Weddings, Sweet 16s, Proms, Formals, Tryouts, Dance Competitions and Photo-shoots.

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