Back to School Makeup in 20 Mins

I can’t believe its back to school time already! If you’re anything like how I was going to school, you either wake up WAY TOO EARLY to get ready, or roll right out of bed. More often than not, it was the second option.

Getting ready for school or work was just too much. SLEEP. IS. MORE. IMPORTANT. Or that was until I looked in the mirror at lunch time.

I could never get my makeup done quickly and be happy with the result. When I rushed, I felt that I almost looked better without anything on. I’ve finally challenged myself to come up with a Back to School Makeup Tutorial in 20 minutes.

So challenge accepted. When I filmed the tutorial for you guys it only took me 20 mins… well, 20:32:59 but I had to be extra and put lashes on. Lashes are totally not necessary, nor would actually put on lashes for “everyday.” My lashes just tend to be really short and by the time I’m finished with the mascara it’s all over my lid.

Some tips for putting on your makeup in 20 mins in the morning:

  • Make sure you damped your beauty blender while you’re in the bathroom to wash your face.
  • Have your select makeup products already picked out the night before.
  • Powder brow products fill in the brows rather quickly and are easy to clean up.
  • Make sure you’re not rushing or sloppy. Going back to fix mistakes takes more time.

Linked here is a video on my Back to School Makeup in 20 Minutes Tutorial.

If you guys have any specific videos or tutorials you want to see, make sure you leave them down in the comment section!

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